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Hi im Jessica. I Founded Happy Honey after discovering my interest in honey bees and discovering how important they are to people and the environment. I wanted to take action and do something practical and save bees by becoming a beekeeper and offering a safe place for bees as many feral swarms get exterminated by pest control. The welfare of the bees at Happy Honey are our number #1 priority.

It is a small scale local apiary in which the honey bees are treated humanely and with respect. The bees honey is only extracted when they need to have more space to store their honey and they never go hungry. Bee welfare is of primary importance. We will not sacrifice welfare over profit. That is why our bees are very happy and show us by thriving!

We deliver honey that is of the highest of quality. It is 100% fresh, raw and natural Western Australian honey. The honey in the supermarket is heat treated which kills beneficial enzymes which has been proven to be good for gut flora and healing wounds. Unfortunately it is also generally blended with substandard imported honey. Imported honey is concerning as there has been cases of antibiotic contamination and even fake honey being produced from plant sugars. When you taste Happy Honey you will taste what real honey should taste like. You will get the most delicious, fresh, premium honey that the beekeepers usually save for themselves.You will get the honey beekeeper direct with no middle man. Honey that has been freshly harvested and not been sitting in a storage facility in an IBC for years.

When you purchase from Happy Honey, you will also be supporting the rescue bees. We are hoping to purchase more wooden hives to save more feral swarms in the future. The proceeds of the honey / product sales contribute to this. I am a registered beekeeper and a member of the WA Apiarist Society.Thanks for supporting my rescue bees!


Western Australia 6112 Armadale

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